Deca-Dence_The original NUT-produced anime of The Saga of Tanya the Evil. Who are the voice actors and what is the theme song?

2020 summer anime

It's an anime called Deca-Dence with one of the harshest worldviews in 2020 summer anime, and it's the first original anime produced by NUT, which is famous for The Saga of Tanya the Evil.


I'm going to start with these four points you are curious about!

  • Deca-Dence Information
  • Who are the voice actors for the main characters?
  • What is the theme song you are interested in?
  • What is NUT, a production company?



Deca-Dence Information

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Many years have passed since the human race was threatened with extinction by the "Gadol", an unknown life form that suddenly appeared in the world. To protect themselves from the threat of the "Gadol", the survivors build a huge mobile fortress, the "Deca-Dence", which is 3,000 meters high. They live there day after day.

The people who inhabit the "Deca-Dence" are the warriors known as "Gia", who fight against the "Gadol" day and night, and the Tankers, who don't have powers to fight. A young "Tanker" girl named Natsume, admires the warriors fighting against "Gadol" and dreams of becoming one herself. One day, she meets a brusque, decadent armored repairman named Kabragi.

She is a forward-looking girl who has never given up on her dream and he is a realist who has given up on his dream. At first glance, the two seem to be polar opposites, but their encounter will eventually change the future of this world.


TV broadcast date and station

Wednesday, July 8, 11:30 p.m.
[Repeat broadcast] Every Friday 3:30 p.m. / Every Sunday 9:30 p.m. / Every Tuesday 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday, July 8, 1:05 a.m.
TV Aichi
Wednesday, July 8, 2:35 a.m.
KBS Kyoto
Wednesday, July 8, 1:05 a.m.
Sun TV
Wednesday, July 8, 1:30 a.m.
Thursday, July 9, 11:00 p.m.


OP, ED Theme Song

OP:  "Theater of Life" by Konomi Suzuki
ED  "Ark of Memory" by Ito Kashitaro


Voice Actor (Cast)

Katsuyuki Konishi

Tomori Kusunoki



Original work:
Deca-Dence PROJECT

Yuzuru Tachikawa

Hiroshi Seko

Character Design / Chief Animation Director:
Shinichi Kurita

Character Concept Design:

Cyborg Design:
Kiyotaka Oshiyama (Studio Dorian)

Decandance Design:
Shu Hirotaka

Gadget design:
Hiziri Matsuura

Sub-character Design:
Hiromi Taniguchi
Ai Ogata

Battle Concept Design:
Tetsuya Masuda

Prop design:
Bunritsu Tsukita
Akishino Denforword Biyori (Aki Production)

Visual Concept:
Izumi Murakami

Art director:
Takashi Ichikura

Color design:
Chiho Nakamura

Director of Photography:
Masashi Uoyama

3DCGI Director:
Masato Takahashi

Yumi Jinguji

Masahiro Tokuda

Sound director:
Fumitaka Go

Animation Production:

Deca-Dence PROJECT


Who are the voice actors of the main characters in Deca-Dence?

It's Deca-Dence, which is scheduled to air in the summer of 2020, and they've already announced the voice actors for the two main characters!

Katsuyuki Konishi

Tomori Kusunoki


At first glance, my impression was that Mr. Konishi and Ms. Kusunoki are both talented voice actors.  I felt that they were the perfect casting for Deca-Dence where a serious story is depicted.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the two of them, here's a brief introduction of what they've participated in so far!


Katsuyuki Konishi

He made his TV anime voice acting debut in the 1996 episode You're Under Arrest.  Like Pocket Monster, The King of Braves GaoGaiGar", Shaman King, Magical Warrior Rewi, Gurren Lagann, MACROSS Frontier, Fire Force, Hataage Kemonomichi, He has appeared in a wide range of anime from children's anime to robotics and joke anime.

Deca-Dence has a harsh world in which the characters fight for their lives against unknown life forms. I'm sure it requires a lot of acting skills, but if you look back at his past works, he has performed in To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts and Arte, which are both very intense and wonderful.

I'm so looking forward to seeing his performance as the mentor of the heroine, Natsume, in this episode!


Kusunoki Tomori

I introduced her once in 2018, and she has gained even more experience in the past two years. Before Deca-Dence, she participated in a wide variety of animations, from everyday life story, idols, battles and more, like Assassins Pride, Yugioh SEVENS, Anima Yell, Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Association".


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ガンゲイルオンライン アニメ ED「To see the future」歌ってるレン役の楠木ともりさんはどんな方?
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Even in the case of Gun Gale Online, which I first introduced to you, her acting skills were astounding. However, every time I see her in an anime, she shows me how much more she has to offer, and I still can't find the end of her skills.


What's the theme song for Deca-Dence?

It's the 2020 summer anime Deca-Dence, and as of May 2020, they've already announced the theme song!

OP: "Theater of Life" by Konomi Suzuki
ED: "Ark of Memory" by Kashitaro Ito


This is the first time in a year for Konomi Suzuki to be in charge of the theme song for the OP, since she sang the theme song for "YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world".

She has sung the theme songs of many serious stories in the past, but they are all in sync with the storyline, and they all remind me of the anime, so I can't wait to hear the opening theme song of Deca-Dence!


If you do your research, this was the first anime theme song for Kashitaro Ito who is in charge of the ED.

His music was first released on Niconico and he sang the "Puyo Puyo eSports" cheer song. From his music activities background, we see that he has done two dimensional works more than three dimensional ones.

There have been a lot of great anime theme songs by people who made their debut on Niconico, so there are a lot of expectations for his first anime theme song.

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かつて神だった獣たちへ アニメ ED「HHOOWWLL」Gero×ARAKIの奏でる悲哀の歌
2019夏アニメの1本である かつて神だった獣たちへのED曲です。 アニメ主題歌では 久しぶりに見かけたGeroさん 初めてお見かけしたARAKIさん そんな二人組なのもあって 放送前から気になってたんですよね! 歌ってるお二人の人となりと...


空挺ドラゴンズ アニメ OP「群青」歌ってる神山羊さんってどんな方?
2020冬アニメの1本として 龍捕りの迫力ある映像と驚くくらい 生々しい人間味あふれる物語のギャップも楽しい 空挺ドラゴンズなんですがOP曲は 初のアニメ主題歌となる 神山羊(かみやまよう)さんが担当。 アニメ主題歌で見かけるのは初めてとい...


Deca-Dence's production company is NUT, the producer of "The Saga of Tanya the Evil"

Deca-Dence is an original anime that does not have any original works such as manga or light novels. Although we are curious about the production company, the production is handled by NUT, which is famous for its work on "The Saga of Tanya the Evil".

They have worked on FLCL the Movie, Production I.G and REVOROOT.

I was curious to learn about what kind of company NUT is, so I tried to look it up. However there wasn't much information on the official site, but I did discover that it is an independent company from Madhouse. This is the only information I could find.

If I find out anything more about it, I'll be sure to add it to the list!


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